Textile Recycling

Packing your items for recycling.

How should I package my items?


What’s acceptable?

Packing your items for recycling.

sending -your-unwanted-items

How should I pack my items?

Think inside the box — a food delivery box or grocery box would work!
You can also put your items into a durable package or satchel that can be fully sealed.
Your package should weigh no more than 10kg and be sized approximately the same size as carry-on luggage (56cm x 36cm x 23cm).

Do pack your items in:

  • Food Delivery Box
    (Hello Fresh, Marley Spoon, Dinnerly, YouFoodz etc)

  • Toilet Paper Box
    (Who Gives a Crap, Kleenex etc)

  • Alcohol/Wine Delivery Box
    (Naked Wines, Dan Murphys etc)

  • Storage/Removals Box
    (Kent Removals, Storage King, Kennards Storage etc)

  • Pet Food Box
    (Pet Barn, Pet Circle, Scratch etc)

  • Checked Shopping Bag
    (i.e. https://www.kmart.com.au/product/checked-shopping-bag/1924313)

sending -your-unwanted-items
sending -your-unwanted-items

What’s unacceptable?

Packing your items for recycling.

sending -your-unwanted-items

Your package needs to be secured.

Your items need to be sealed securely in a package that can be easily collected and transported by a third party courier.
You will only get 1 collection label per 10kg booking and this can only be attached to 1 package or box. Multiple smaller boxes will not be accepted or collected.

Don’t pack your items in:

  • Open garbage bags

  • Multiple smaller boxes

  • Single boxes heavier than 10kg

  • Luggage larger than carry-on

sending -your-unwanted-items
Textile Recycling

Choosing your items for recycling.

What items can I send you?


What’s acceptable?

Choosing your items for recycling.

How should I choose my items?

We can accept most of your old, worn or damaged items. The only requirement is that items are clean, so we recommend popping everything through a quick wash before packaging it for collection!

What does 10kg look like?

If you don’t have scales then we encourage you to do your best approximate guess when packing items! And if it helps — we’ve worked out that 10kg is equal to 65 t-shirts 👕

Items we’ll accept:

  • Clothing items (jeans, t-shirts, coats etc)

  • Hats

  • Bags (handbags, duffel bags etc)

  • Socks & stockings

  • Pairs of shoes

  • Linen (bedding, towels, tea towels etc)

  • Fabric mattress protectors (not waterproof/plastic)

  • Fabric off-cuts and sewing scraps

  • Fabric couch covers

  • Curtains

What’s unacceptable?

Choosing your items for recycling.

What can’t I send?

We cannot accept unwashed items for reuse or recycling, so please ensure all items are clean and dried before sending! Shoes must be in pairs — please don’t send single shoes.
We also cannot accept worn bras and underwear at the moment, so please don’t send them.

Items we won’t accept:

  • Unwashed items

  • Single shoes (pairs only)

  • Underwear or bathers

  • Bras

  • Carpet

  • Duvets/Doonas

  • Pillows/Cushions

  • Soft Toys

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