Our community responds by sharing what they love about their Egyptian cotton socks and undies.

This service is second to none! I’ve been subscribed for almost two years now; the quality and customer service is exceptional and rarely seen! If you haven’t signed up yet. You definitely should! You won’t be disappointed!


Been receiving my Manrags socks for about 2 years ago now. Had one minor issue where I got sent the same 2 pairs of socks, it was sorted out pronto and with just a hint of good humour to help out.
I constantly get remarks on how awesome my socks are and love the ‘lost sock’ guarantee.
The quality of the materials used is fantastic and I honestly couldn’t fault them if I tried.


Absolutely love my subscription! Have been receiving two pairs of socks each month for a couple of years now, I'm starting to run out of room. Not only are the designs great, but the quality of socks is unmatched by any other socks I've ever owned. Yet to get a single hole in one of my pairs.

MartinNew South Wales

Great product and design. I enjoy the unique patterns of my socks and jocks. It gets noticed around the workplace. The quality is excellent because I still wear socks I received 3 years ago.


Been a subscriber for well over 18 months now. The products themselves are of the highest quality and the customer service has always done their best to answer any queries I had. I get excited when it’s that time of the month and my socks and jocks arrive! Would highly recommend!

RobertNew South Wales

Love love love. The number of people I talk to about my MANRAGS! They're such fun and always of great quality.


I genuinely got a job because of my socks. After working for my boss for 6 months I asked him “what set me apart from the rest?” And he replied with “you had a sense of confidence and risk taking with your socks and pocket squares. It set you apart”


My hubby loves receiving his man rags every month as it is something for him in the mail that isn’t a bill!


Love this! Have been a member for years! It is like a little celebration every time they are delivered to the workplace - who knew socks could be fun!


Amazing designs, comfortable and long lasting. Nothing beats the excitement of getting a new pair every month and seeing what the new design will be!

TadhgNew South Wales

Best present for my hubby! Truly a gift that keeps on giving - for both of us! He loves the feel of the socks and I love how much more stylish he now looks 😉


Pretty happy with this subscription, Its been almost 2 years now! The loyalty discounts are a bonus!! One time I didn't receive my package, i got in contact and they were so good about it! They sorted it out very quickly and professionally. Would absolutely recommend this to anyone!

LukeNew South Wales

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