About the Partnership.

Environmentally it is best to reuse items wherever possible. With this in mind, we’ve partnered with Sacred Heart Mission to provide them with access to suitable items that they can distribute within their own network. As restrictions in Victoria ease, they will be providing us with volunteers to help sort through and identify any items that they can pass onto Australians experiencing homelessness, disadvantage and social exclusion.

About them.

Sacred Heart Mission is an independent non-profit organisation renowned for effectively helping thousands of people experiencing homelessness to rebuild their lives. Through our wide-ranging services, research and innovation we strongly advocate for an inclusive, fair and compassionate community where people can overcome disadvantage and have a contributing life. Here at the Mission, we see new personal strengths, achievements and optimism unfold for people every day. With someone in their corner, people who have faced extraordinary disadvantage and repeated episodes of trauma can find the courage to face the challenges in their life. We are in this for the long haul – we are committed to making a sustainable difference in people’s lives.

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