Our Impact

Making a difference

Empowering our community to look good, feel good and do good.

We knew that when we embarked on our mission to empower our community to drastically reduce textile landfill that we were undertaking a mammoth task, but the response has been nothing short of epic!

Just as we’ve evolved, our community has evolved also. No longer do they just want to look good and feel good, but also do good — contributing to a positively better future.

When we work together we can achieve some pretty remarkable things!

How we’re making a difference:


Thanks to our community and our partners, we’ve already diverted over 70 tonnes of clothing and shoes from landfill, seeing us able to completely reverse our own impact on textile waste! Now we’re pledging to recycle or reuse as many products as we distribute by 2022.


For every single kilogram you send to us for reuse and recycling you will prevent 3—4kg of greenhouse gasses polluting the air we breathe! We’ve already prevented over 300,000 kilograms from reaching our atmosphere.

How are we preventing greenhouse gases?


Empowered Pioneers of textile recycling.

People look to help companies that are focused on sustainability. At MANRAGS we know we’re onto something special. Engaging with our community about sustainability has created more brand awareness and advocacy than ever before and we’ve got over 16 thousand people that can prove it.

Reverse our impact on landfill: COMPLETE

We’ve already met our first recycling pledge and reversed our impact on landfill in just 6 short months.

Next up we’re tackling our distribution. Our next goal will be to reuse as many products as we distribute by 2022 – but we need your help!

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