Textile Recycling

What’s next for the collected items?

The next stage of our recycling initiative.

Once we receive your old textiles, there 4 key stages that the items go through at our warehousing facilities.

Sorting the items

Together with our partners, Textile Recyclers Australia, we will begin the sorting process and categorise each item of clothing and pair of shoes based on its next best possible use.

Separating the items

From here all items will be identified and separated by fibre type to determine which items can reused and which need to be recycled.

Garments that can be up-cycled are prepared to be industrially laundered and then donated.

Re-using the items

Environmentally, it is best to reuse items where they are suitable. For this purpose we’ve partnered with some epic organisations like Good360 and Ready Set (formerly Wear for Success) to ensure that any items that you send to us in a fit-for-wear condition get passed on to those who need them most!

Recycling the items

The items that are prepared for recycling will be turned into fibres that can be used for products in various industries. Suitable long fibres (many cottons) can be used to create new yarn. Fibres that are not suitable are made into non-woven materials. Recovered fibres can be spun into yarn and recycled into supply chains.

Products like jeans can be repurposed into new items, like tote bags and aprons. Any items that are damaged can be recycled to create new yarn or shredded and used for things like insulation or stuffing for pet beds!


By recycling and repurposing we significantly reduce the impact put on our planet by producing new garments from new materials. The clothing and textile industry is depleting non-renewable resources, so by recycling old garments into new textiles and then using them in our production we create a circular loop which puts substantially less strain on our planet (and saves textiles from landfill!).

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