Start with Socks:

The Change Project

As individuals, we've already had an epic impact on reducing textile waste. Now it's time to think about the impact we can make together.

501,000 tonnes of textiles are dumped into Australian landfills annually. Sounds scary right? Well, it doesn’t have to. We have the power to change this statistic if we work together!

Are you ready to be the next pioneer in textile waste reduction?

How does it work?
Are you a part of a school, business, organisation or community group that could help make a difference to our planet?

We’ve developed a program to help reverse the impacts of textile waste in Australia. Here’s why you should take part and be a champion for change within your organisation.

Australia's surface will be covered in landfill by 2030.

On average, Australians purchase 27kg of new textiles each year and then discard 23kg into landfill — leading to 501,000 tonnes of textiles being dumped into landfill annually. Synthetic fibres (which make up around 60% of our clothes) are non-biodegradable and sit in landfills for hundreds of years.

Be a pioneer for change and empower others.

Once you introduce sock recycling to your colleagues or students you’ll pretty much become the next Captain Planet. You’re about to change their lives (and futures!) for good — and that feels pretty good.

The program is adaptable to ANY organisation.

Why overcomplicate things? We’ve made the program so simple that your Nan could use it! Whether you want to run a sock drive at your primary school or a one-off recycling event at your local sporting organisation — the program is so simple that can be implemented anywhere!

It couldn't be easier to participate.

As soon as your registration is complete, you can start collecting clean socks. There’s no need to wait for materials to be shipped in order to start!
Run your sock drive, notify us that it’s been completed and we’ll pick up the socks from anywhere in Australia. It’s that easy!

I'm ready to be a leader
Here's how the program works. It's simple really.

Submit your organisation via the form below.

We'll confirm your registration and send you the guidelines regarding collection of your socks! To minimise our carbon footprint we won't send you a collection box, and instead encourage you to re-use a box or packaging!

We’ll help you to educate your peers!

You'll receive a range of digital resources to help raise awareness within your organisation on the impacts of textile waste. These will also explain how people can participate by bringing their old and odd socks in for re-use and recycling!

We’ll pick up the socks from anywhere in Australia!

Once all socks have been collected and the package is ready and waiting, let us know and we'll organise for it to be collected through our courier partner, Sendle — Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service.

All participants will earn a $20 store credit.

To say a big thanks for helping us reduce textile waste, we'll provide you with a unique store credit for $20 off any MANRAGS product or subscription! You can share this with participants and they can refill their top drawer with socks that won’t harm the planet.

Education delivered differently. Mamre Anglican School's Sock Snake.

The issues our planet is facing today are far from traditional — so why not put a spin on the way we educate our peers about them?
Mamre Anglican School did just that when they joined our program in 2019 and created a 375m sock snake, made from 3000 socks! This event gave the kids involved a sense of pride and enjoyment while they learnt about the serious impacts of textile waste and the benefits of re-use and recycling!

These guys have already joined the program. Now it's your turn to be a champion of change!
Bonbeach Primary School
Mamre Anglican School
New South Wales
Box Hill Hospital
Australian Hockeyroos
Sporting Organisation
New South Wales
Chelsea Heights Kindergarten
Submit your organisation here and we'll be in touch ASAP!

Program Pricing

Up to 20 Participants = $99

Up to 50 Participants = $199

Up to 100 Participants = $399

Over 100 Participants = $499

Contact Name

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Organisation Type

Organisation Name

Number of Participants

Collection Address

Still have questions?

We’re here to answer any questions you might have. If you can’t find it in the FAQ’s listed, then get in touch below.

Get in touch

Will you send us a box to collect the socks in?

We’re big on re-use and recycling — so we’ve tried to practice what we preach.
Instead of sending you a new box to collect socks in, we encourage you to re-use a box or packaging that you have at your school or in your office or organisation. This also helps to minimise our carbon footprint!
(If you can’t find one, try visiting your local supermarket or grocer and asking them for a spare box or two)

How many people do we need to participate?

There’s no limit — we encourage as many people to join the program as possible!
The costs associated with participation are as follows —

Up to 20 participants = $99
Up to 50 participants = $199
Up to 100 participants = $399
>100 / Enterprise pricing by request

Is there a time limit required to collect the socks in?

Nope — there’s no time limit required! Collect the socks and once they’re ready to be picked up let us know.

Is there a minimum amount of socks we need to send back?

There’s no minimum amount of socks required to be sent back. If you don’t think you’ll be collecting over 30 pairs (or 60 single/odd socks) then you may be better off purchasing our sock recycling satchels* for $5.

*Limit of 3 per transaction. Each satchel holds up to 500g which is roughly equivalent to 10 adult pairs or 20 single/odd socks.

Can the socks be in any condition?

They sure can! We accept all socks, but please ensure they’re washed prior to donation.

We've collected our socks! How do I get them picked up?

Send us an email with the dimensions of the box/es to be collected and we’ll book your pick-up through Sendle — Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service.

How do I get the store credit to share in my organisation?

Once you’ve successfully registered we will send you a range of digital resources to help raise awareness within your organisation.
This will also include a unique store credit for $20 off any MANRAGS product or subscription which you can print and distribute to all participants, or share with them directly via email!

Why does it cost money to participate?

The fee helps us to partially cover the collection of your socks, the recycling itself and a number of operational costs involved in running the program!

We may not change the world.
But we’re going to make a difference —
and it all starts with socks.

We may not change the world.
But we’re going to make a difference —
and it all starts with socks.