The Mission.

Our mission is to reduce the number of textiles that end up in landfill, due to massive garment overproduction and non-existent recycling initiatives.

Fast fashion needs radical intervention now, and we must take responsibility for the entire life cycle of our products to ensure they don’t end up in the trash.

Since launching in 2016, we’ve shipped enough socks around the world to fill an entire football stadium. Statistics show that 85% of these will end up in landfill.

Our pledge is to reverse this impact by the year 2020.

How do we plan to do this?

We plan to do this by offering our community the chance to return their unwanted socks to us. This saves them from landfill and allows us to reuse or recycle them.

Together with our partners we will sort through all returned socks to identify which pairs can be laundered and donated. Any unsalvageable pairs will be sent to our textile recycling partner to be broken down and made into new products!

If you know or represent an organisation that is in need of sock donations we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us here.

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What are we doing with all your socks?

The next stages of our sock recycling initiative are defined by two key principles… Re-using wearable socks and recycling the remaining pairs!

Separating the Socks

Together with our partners, Textile Recyclers Australia, we will begin the separation process to determine which socks can be reused and which need to be recycled.

Socks that can be up-cycled are prepared to be industrially laundered and donated. Any remaining pairs that are not suitable for reuse will be sorted and prepared for recycling. During this process, socks are separated by colour and material to prevent unnecessary water consumption through fabric re-dyeing.

Re-using Wearable Socks

We plan to share our up-cycled socks with 3 key second-life markets in West Africa and Eastern Europe, since previously used intimate items (such as socks and underwear) cannot be donated in Australia due to strict OH&S standards. These countries can accept donations of clean essential items, ensuring that they have a second life and purpose!

Recycling the Remaining Pairs

The socks that are prepared for recycling will be turned into fibres that can be used for products in various industries. Suitable long fibres (many cottons) can be used to create new yarn. Fibres that are not suitable are made into non-woven materials, such as insulation. Recovered fibres can be spun into yarn and recycled into supply chains. 

Shopping Guilt free!

This ensures that our community can shop guilt free, knowing that their products can be repurposed again when they’re done loving them!

By recycling and repurposing we significantly reduce the impact put on our planet by producing new garments from new materials. The clothing and textile industry is depleting non-renewable resources, so by recycling old garments into new textiles and then using them in our production we create a circular loop which puts substantially less strain on our planet (and saves textiles from landfill!).

Ultimately we hope to be able to collect enough old socks that we can turn into recycled textiles to use in our own production – creating a truly circular life-cycle for a percentage of our essentials!

We’ll be sharing updates as we progress through the next stages of this journey and will keep you updated here, on Facebook and Instagram!

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The Partners.

We’ve partnered with some other visionaries to help us on this journey.



Our circular plans are shipped with Sendle, so that you can track your delivery all the way to your front door.

Sendle is proud to be Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service. For every tonne of carbon dioxide Sendle releases into the air while delivering parcels, they cancel it out by supporting projects that combat climate change.

Australia Post


Your prepaid return satchel can be dropped into ANY Australia Post box, nationwide.

Australia Post are active supporters of leading national and international sustainability initiatives, including Carbon Disclosure Project (since 2015) and Earth Hour (supporter since 2007).

Textile Recyclers Australia


In order to reach our goal, we’ve teamed up with Textile Recyclers Australia to help us up-cycle and recycle your old socks!

Textile Recyclers Australia are helping organisations to keep unwanted pre and post consumer textiles & apparel out of landfill, greatly reducing the impact on the environment.

We may not change the world.
But we’re going to make a difference —
and it all starts with socks.

We may not change the world. But we’re going to make a difference — and it all starts with socks.