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The owness is on brands to develop and implement sustainable practices that will enable them to take ownership of their product life-cycle. As an industry, we need to be more concerned with not only the production of our garments, but also with what happens to them after the consumer is finished using them.

Since launching in 2016, we’ve shipped enough socks around the world to fill an entire football stadium. Statistics show that 85% of these will end up in landfill. We’ve made it our mission to reverse this impact and go even further.

2019 saw the introduction of our Sock Recycling initiative and the creation of a #startwithsocks movement. After just 5 short months we were able to divert over 13,000kg of socks from landfill and completely reverse our own impact on textile waste!

After the success of this initiative we’ve decided to tackle ALL clothing items, and shoes too. Now you can send us your old or damaged items and we’ll prepare them for reuse and recycling!


We’re implementing this initiative to empower everyone when it comes to sustainability. We believe that your clothing shouldn’t just look AND feel good – but it should also be good for the planet. By encouraging others to send their unwanted items to us for reuse and recycling, we’re taking the first steps necessary to ensure that we’re becoming a more sustainably focused brand.

From here, we’re extremely excited to be able to produce our own recycled product – truly creating a circular supply chain for our brand. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for updates, but expect to see this happening in the middle of 2020.

We. Can’t. Wait.


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