About the Partnership.

The serious impacts of textile waste are relatively unknown, so we’re thrilled to have partnered with BLAEK Store who will be raising awareness within their community and acting as a hub for people to drop off their unwanted or damaged textiles and shoes! In conjunction with this, BLAEK will also pass on any items that cannot be sold in-store to have a second life. Fit-for-wear items will be prepared to be passed onto our charity partners to be distributed within their networks, and remaining items will be prepared for repurposing or recycling.

About BLAEK.

‘Black’ is a thoughtful retail space offering sustainable and ethical clothing, homewares and essentials by mindful designers from around the world. Based in Manly — Sydney, Australia. We help our customers with the transition from fast to slow fashion, promote buying less frequently and buying right. Each piece stocked at BLAEK Store has a story and our customers carry those stories with them. We won’t stock anything that isn’t 100% organic, recycled, made by happy people, honest brands and built to last much longer than the season you buy it.

Image credit: https://blaekstore.com/

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