Our Identity

Our mission to reduce landfill.

Paving the way forward for textile recycling.

Planet Ark has found that while over 90% of Australian consumers and businesses are concerned about environmental sustainability, only half believe they are doing their fair share to protect the planet.

Companies must go above and beyond to make a difference. We are leading the way in education and making it easy for consumers to reduce their impact.

As leaders within the circular economy, we believe that sustainability leads to success for everyone. We exist as change-makers, not only for our community but also for the next generation. As we continue to reduce waste in landfill and increase the lifecycle of all textiles, we encourage others to join us through continued education and convenience.

Our mission is to reduce the number of textiles that end up in landfill, due to massive garment overproduction and non-existent recycling initiatives.

We plan to do this by offering our community the chance to return their unwanted textiles to us, including clothing and shoes. This saves their items from landfill and allows us to reuse or recycle them. Find out more about the items we’ll accept for recycling here. 

We’ve made a few pledges to keep us on track throughout this journey and we’ll continue to update these as we grow and expand our initiatives.

By the year 2020, we pledge to have reversed our impact on landfill.

By the year 2022, we pledge to recycle or reuse as many products as we distribute.

By the year 2025, we pledge to recycle or reuse more products than we distribute.


Ultimately we hope to be able to collect enough old textiles that we can turn into recycled textiles to use in our own production – creating a truly circular life-cycle for a percentage of our essentials!

We’ll be sharing updates as we progress through the next stages of this journey and will keep you updated here, on Facebook and Instagram!

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