Our Identity

The story behind the brand

Our journey towards becoming a purpose driven brand.

We launched MANRAGS in 2016, after noticing a gap in the market for premium quality socks that didn’t fall apart after a few wears.

Starting off as pioneers in the men’s essentials subscription space, we soon evolved into the only brand to send premium quality socks AND underwear in matching designs to thousands of men around the globe! By launching with a subscription model, we were able to control manufacturing and distribution, delivering our product direct to the our consumer. This allowed for better forecasting and eliminated the all too common retail issue of overproduction.

But after recently learning more about the effects of textile waste, we realised that we needed to urgently change something to ensure our products weren’t ending up alongside 501,000 tonnes of textiles that are dumped into Australian landfills every year.

So we took action, we became the world’s first Circular Subscription Club – taking responsibility for the entire life-cycle of our products by keeping them out of landfill and giving them purpose once our community are done loving them. Along with our partner, Textile Recyclers Australia, we began to collect old and worn socks, with the goal of reusing, repurposing or recycling them.

Through this initiative we were able to have a hugely positive impact on landfill prevention in Australia, saving over 550,000 socks from becoming part of the problem.


Fast forward to today and we’ve embarked on a whole new recycling journey.

Now we’ve expanded to offer a textile recycling service that allows all clothing and shoes to be collected from anywhere in Australia!

We’re still working with Textile Recyclers Australia as we expand our recycling capabilities, and together with other visionary partners and our community, we are creating smart ways to upcycle your clothing and reduce textile landfill.

We’re learning as we go, and we don’t have all the answers but just as we reached our pledge of reversing the impact of our sock production on landfill by 2020, now we’re pledging to reuse as many products as we distribute by 2022.

We started off as pioneers in the subscription industry, and now we’re taking on the circular economy. Join our textile recycling movement or subscribe to a circular subscription today!

Because this is the time to move mountains, not make them.

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